Monday, July 13, 2009

We are going away...

I am sorry to have to quit this project but it seems to have gotten to be too much and too confusing. No one can get it going on. So thanks to all who followed this . You're welcome to check out the ning network on art dolls if you are so inclined.

Here is the address

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hold tight!

Hold on everyone...we've hit a glitch.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Update of Portia's visit....

Portia met Pugzy, went out Saturday night and had a seafood platter and a beer. Ice cream late at night at "Scoops" and of course, that morning cup of coffee.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Meggins Comes to Bethlehem!

Top left & right: The Living Room where Meggins & I watched TV and ate midnight snacks,
one of the many old estates in Bethlehem, Sayre Mansion
Below: Lizard at Rose Garden
Dorney Park, Amore Viineyards

Meggins came all the way from Australia to vacation with us in charming Bethlehem. After her jetlag cleared, we played all week. We toured a ton of places, including the Rose Gardens where she insisted on taking a photo of a lizard she spotted on the sign. We took the town by storm, ate in some terrific places, including the Sayre Mansion where she feasted on strawberry mile-high pie. She got on famously with the Yorkies and slept on a cozy bed on the bookshelf (near the travel section, of course).Later in the week, we visited nearby towns, watched movies--she loved UP!, rode the rollercoaster art Dorney Park ...and raised our glasses in a toast to vacations. She drank her favorite Peach Belini over minced ice. We also went to the local winery and toured the vineyards, then had a winetasting. Yum!
She shopped for prezzies to take back to Australia--and especially loved the Monogram Store where she bought a handpainted brooch. She left today for her next vacation stop at Michelle's. So she is bound for a great time in Magicville.

Friday, June 12, 2009

In the Dark

Although we didn't really have a good photo opportunity, Farushka had a lovely farewell dinner with friends this evening in the garden area of a little place called Muggsy's while Rob Killam's jazz band played in Jacksonville, Illinois. It was a perfect evening and great way to end our week together. Farushka developed a crush on the sax player and sat in with the band for a couple of numbers. He was MUCH too old for her, so I kept a close eye on them and put the kebosh on any shenanigans. You know how it is with sax players and impressionable young girls.......hmmmmm........I managed to get her on the plane with her virtue intact and only a few tears......I'm not sure how long the flight is, but she should arrive at Nancye's at least by morning. Please let me know if she doesn't make it. I'll hunt that sax player down like a bloodhound and bring her back!

Meet Opal...

As I promised them, the girls finally met the oldest doll in the studio this afternoon. Opal, is kind of set in her ways but she was pleasant to them. She dyes her hair you know and worries about everything. The girls are getting ready to have a small party with their new friends tonight. Zenina, is insisting on doing Lucy's make up. This should be fun! Lucy doesn't seem thrilled about it.

Meet Portia.........

Ferry ride to the Island of Martha's Vineyard

Yoga Instructor and Traveler Extraordinaire! It's her favorite time of year....vacation time! She's taking a break from teaching at her Yoga studio. The Big Stretch and flex her muscles on some new adventures. This means she had to leave the comfy dis of the bookshelf where she lives (well, she has the entire shelf, she'll have you know!)

It's been a very rainy week here on this Island, but she's still having fun. Good thing she's into yoga, a flexible mind is needed under these weather conditions!