Monday, July 13, 2009

We are going away...

I am sorry to have to quit this project but it seems to have gotten to be too much and too confusing. No one can get it going on. So thanks to all who followed this . You're welcome to check out the ning network on art dolls if you are so inclined.

Here is the address

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hold tight!

Hold on everyone...we've hit a glitch.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Update of Portia's visit....

Portia met Pugzy, went out Saturday night and had a seafood platter and a beer. Ice cream late at night at "Scoops" and of course, that morning cup of coffee.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Meggins Comes to Bethlehem!

Top left & right: The Living Room where Meggins & I watched TV and ate midnight snacks,
one of the many old estates in Bethlehem, Sayre Mansion
Below: Lizard at Rose Garden
Dorney Park, Amore Viineyards

Meggins came all the way from Australia to vacation with us in charming Bethlehem. After her jetlag cleared, we played all week. We toured a ton of places, including the Rose Gardens where she insisted on taking a photo of a lizard she spotted on the sign. We took the town by storm, ate in some terrific places, including the Sayre Mansion where she feasted on strawberry mile-high pie. She got on famously with the Yorkies and slept on a cozy bed on the bookshelf (near the travel section, of course).Later in the week, we visited nearby towns, watched movies--she loved UP!, rode the rollercoaster art Dorney Park ...and raised our glasses in a toast to vacations. She drank her favorite Peach Belini over minced ice. We also went to the local winery and toured the vineyards, then had a winetasting. Yum!
She shopped for prezzies to take back to Australia--and especially loved the Monogram Store where she bought a handpainted brooch. She left today for her next vacation stop at Michelle's. So she is bound for a great time in Magicville.

Friday, June 12, 2009

In the Dark

Although we didn't really have a good photo opportunity, Farushka had a lovely farewell dinner with friends this evening in the garden area of a little place called Muggsy's while Rob Killam's jazz band played in Jacksonville, Illinois. It was a perfect evening and great way to end our week together. Farushka developed a crush on the sax player and sat in with the band for a couple of numbers. He was MUCH too old for her, so I kept a close eye on them and put the kebosh on any shenanigans. You know how it is with sax players and impressionable young girls.......hmmmmm........I managed to get her on the plane with her virtue intact and only a few tears......I'm not sure how long the flight is, but she should arrive at Nancye's at least by morning. Please let me know if she doesn't make it. I'll hunt that sax player down like a bloodhound and bring her back!

Meet Opal...

As I promised them, the girls finally met the oldest doll in the studio this afternoon. Opal, is kind of set in her ways but she was pleasant to them. She dyes her hair you know and worries about everything. The girls are getting ready to have a small party with their new friends tonight. Zenina, is insisting on doing Lucy's make up. This should be fun! Lucy doesn't seem thrilled about it.

Meet Portia.........

Ferry ride to the Island of Martha's Vineyard

Yoga Instructor and Traveler Extraordinaire! It's her favorite time of year....vacation time! She's taking a break from teaching at her Yoga studio. The Big Stretch and flex her muscles on some new adventures. This means she had to leave the comfy dis of the bookshelf where she lives (well, she has the entire shelf, she'll have you know!)

It's been a very rainy week here on this Island, but she's still having fun. Good thing she's into yoga, a flexible mind is needed under these weather conditions!

Who's that knocking at my door?

Zenina promised to do a reading for Loretta today. Here they are. She must have told her something special.

Oh man! It's Blind Date Bob! Look who he's here to see. I think they may go out tonight. I'm not so sure. He may just hang out here with her. Why is she so attractive to men? It must be her down to earth and worldly attitude. He's got candy and flowers. What a guy. I think he may be trying to make up his comb over.

Zen Moment

Farushka had complained that her back has been sore ever since she helped me plant flowers this week so I thought the least I could do was to treat her to a massage. Joyce (hands pictured) was absolutely thrilled to meet her and the two of them hit it right off, swapping stories and deep philosphical truths during the entire session. Joyce finished with wishes of infinite love and peace for Farushka to take with her on the rest of her journey. Farushka commented that the hour went WAY too fast and she didn't really want to get off the table but she eventually consented to sit by the fountain and listen to music while I had my turn. She was asleep in minutes. I guess the busy week has taken it's toll.

She'll be taking a midnight plane out of Illinois tonight as she didn't want to miss listening to the jazz band with my friends and me this evening.

More picts

Here's Kaleb being introduced to both, Lucy and Zenina.
Looks like no ones impressed.

Here is Lucy and Zenina sharing the red ribbon.
I actually made one for each after they couldn't agreed to who take it home.

Hank flirting with both the girls...

Hank and Zenina alone at last.

Later today Zenina is going to tell some fortunes and then the girls
will visit with one of the oldest dolls in the studio.
The sun is finally out here and we will be going to some garage sales.
Then there is dinner planned and they'll be off to other parts unknown.
Hank wants to go with them but I said no. That's all
we'd need is for him to be on the his own out there. Who knows what
would happen.

Oh my...what is going on?

What a flirt! Hank the handyman, or so he thinks, has heard that Zenina is in the house. Can I get you anything? Need anything fixed? Wow, did they hit is off or what. She's as bad as he is. All they do is make googly eyes at each other. Now Lucy feels left out.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jane Doherty ...Stops at Crow Haven Farm

Well hello everyone...I'm sorry we are late, however we have a good excuse. Jane was so busy getting to know everyone here ,and I believe she was little overwhelmed at first, but she is mixing in with all of the other Eclectic Beings here and having a great time.
We were getting ready to head out for outing and Jane was rushing me out of my Studio...She is such a time keeper! LOL

Just look at her here pointing at the time! Oh for heaven sakes! LOL

So we grabbed out bags and headed out. Oh....wait Jane you are going the wrong way!!!!! I told her not to go that way...she didn't listen. She was in such a rush to grab a cup of Java that she landed in the fields of plants...She was ok...she met the Plant Fairy!Off to bed was a long day!


Farushka meets author!

Tuesday evening Farushka had the great honor and privlege to meet with author Joanna Beth Tweedy (pictured) and hear her read from her newly published book THE YONDER SIDE OF SASS AND TEXAS. "Sass (short for Arkansas) and Texas" are the names of the two sisters featured in this lovely, lyrical book. The girls grow up in Southernmost Illinois and eventually travel the world. As Joanna Beth read, Farushka totally identified with Sass and has since then been using some of her favorite phrases such as "Well, ain't that a cat's bark of a thing," and "That's just chicken in the skillet" which is a good thing if you're wanting dinner, but not so good if you're the chicken. She's mentioned more than once now that I'm "older than time's uncle" and reminisced that she's "plain cold-duck cockamamie" crazy over that Jack Daniels sauce from the other day. If you can't understand a thing she's saying when she gets home, you'll need to read the book. After the reading and book signing, Joanna Beth, her beau & playwrite David Logan and Farushka huddled together for some time discussing the possibility of casting her as "Sass" if it becomes a play or movie some day. They told her she had the perfect look for the part and the twang in her voice made her a natural. She posed by the poster -- you can see how she fits right in!! Joanna Beth is also the founder editor of QUIDDITY (an international literary journal) and she has invited Farushka to submit her poetry or travel essays for consideration. She's been holed up in her room with a pencil and wad of paper ever since.

Farushka's first few days

After her initial disappointment & pout at having (heaven forbid) NO COFFEE IN THE HOUSE, Farushka settled in and decided tea would do for this week. Monday she accompanied me on a trip to Springfield, Illinois to visit with my good friend Nancy Long and go shopping for hydrangeas since they've gone on half price sale. We stopped at TGIF where you can see us sharing a grilled chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries. She learned that (like me) she's a HUGE fan of TGIF Jack Daniels sauce and even thought the napkin was tasty when lightly dipped in the scrumptious sauce. After lunch we picked out three lovely plants and loaded them into the back of the car. She was a good sport and helped me get them planted the next day. Clearly she has some expertise in this area and I was happy to take her advice.

Lucy and Zenina...

At first she was shy...

Then she was interested...

Here's Chloe with Lucy.

I had just got used to Lucy being around and then Zenina came to visit as well. Lucy hid out with the other dolls for a day or two and then Zenina and Lucy became fast friends. Lucy told Zenina that she was going to have to go home because of prior commitments and Zenina invited her to tag along with her on the rest of her journey. "The more the merrier" she laughed. So they celebrated their new friendship by staying up all night and partying in the studio with the all the other dolls. Before Zenina arrived, Lucy and I went to the Art Center to pick up my dolls that were in the show. Lucy fell in love with my red ribbon so I made her one. Now Zenina wants one too. Here is a picture of Lucy with my granddaughter playing around before Zenina got here. Today the 3 of us are going to do something fun. It has been raining here all week so far and it has been cold. Too cold to go out and play.

More pictures to come...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hi! I'm Moi. I'm in a dither. I wanted to go on this trip. I just do not know if I got on the right train. I sure hope so. If no one picked me up at the station could you please let my mother know. is her address. No one has arrived at our house she said last time I talked to her.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Red Mohair and Other Natural Disasters

It happened on Saturday. At the bank. I was in usual line, waiting for the teller who has handled my transactions for the past four years. My turn came and as Donna said hello, she gave me a look like I had a fork stuck in my forehead. Then she grinned, sort of. I followed her gaze to the bottom front edge of my blouse where there in all its auburn glory was a mohair doll "wig" bouncily affixed to me.(The miracle of spray fixative gone wild!) I laughed till I nearly peed myself. It looked like a doll tried to take refuge under my blouse. No one else shared the embarassing sight with as much humor as I did, but then again, they didn't know what that curious red clump of mohair was exactly. And no one asked. The man behind me leaned in and said, "there's more where that came from", and he pointed to the back of my thigh. I pulled a stubborn wad of red mohair from the back of my pant leg and laughed until tears ran down my cheeks. Now the whole line was laughing,too. A brave woman further back asked, "that's not dog fur, is it?" [what kind of dog does she have, I wondered, because this looked like no dog fur I'd ever seen.] "No", I said totally serious, "it's from my cat." The line fell silent. "Just kidding", I added quickly; "it's from my dolls". ...I wish I could have captured the looks on faces. It was a Mastercard moment....Priceless. Needless to say, I have made a new entry in my Rules to Live By Journal--Spray fixative is only for use by grown-ups..

I love Lucy

Lucy came to visit me this weekend. It has been so cold and rainy here. We are wondering what we will do. Here she is on arrival. Looks like the virtual trip kind of dazed her. She's still asleep as I'll post pictures after the effects of the trip wear off.

Farushka Frecklestein Heading to Illinois!

Farushka Frecklestein and I had a very busy week at The Studio at Crow Haven Farm. We enjoy what little sun we had this weekend! It's been very cold and rainy here for the past week, so it was good to get outside for bit!

She just had to hang out Aquarius before he gets filled with water for the Summer!

One thing about Farushka, she loves plants...always milling around them and making sure they have enough water! LOL

As always, she is right beside me in the studio looking over my shoulder seeing what I'm up to and making sure I add the right fashion designs for the new creations that emerge from the Studio!

She is off to Illinois to spend...what will be a great adventure with Kathryn! Enjoy your journey Farushka, I'll be waiting for your return and looking forward to hearing about the many adventures that you will be taking this Summer!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bon Voyage Zenina!

ZENINA (Red-headed daughter of Zeus, Queen of the gypsies) took off for parts unknown this Friday past wearing lots of sparkley jewelry and her special jacket made of a remnant of a tablecoth my grandfather brought back from Europe in the very early 1900s as well as some scraps of Iranian silk. You may notice that she bears a striking resemblence to E.P. Bailey's "Zelda" --- they are first cousins on their mother's side of the family and credit must be given to Ms. Bailey for her wonderful, fanciful pattern. Zenina has been cautioned to not spit tobacco juice in anyone's house and to contain her fits of cursing. (keep your tequila under lock and key!!) I can only hope she behaves herself! .......................Have fun dear one....don't forget to write!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A new girl is on her way!

As some of you may know,I had a small disaster recently,my darling companion and dog decided to play Godzilla with some of my dolls and Teddies,My cat Cecil who fancies himself as a great hunter stole them from my desk and stashed them on the kitchen chair where some were still sitting when I discovered the terrible event.

Gemma my cattle dog had found them and proceeded to chew them with relish,gotta love her!

So I had to make a new dollie and here she is,pretty in pink,I call her Meggins,she is about to go cybering to meet Sharyn!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm on my way...

Hi everyone. My name is fancie nancie. I am on my way now. I am a little scared because I've never done this before, Virtual Travel. Here I am sitting on my trunk that I keep all of my souvenirs in along with my journal. I am wearing my best dress with favorite pink shoes. My sister let me use her necklace for the trip and my hair...well as usual when I want it look the best it fails me. Oh well. It's just hair. See you all later.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ready set go!

Well here we are ready to go. I hope we all have the same goals in mind...
Introducing the very first Virtual Art Dolls On The Move.
Drum Roll...
Here are the easy to follow guidelines... Find your name on the list that is published in our group on and send a photo of your doll (by email) to the persons name under yours. Then we will continue in order until we are finished. You can keep the photo and do stuff for one week. Then send it to the next in line. Don't forget that you are all authors on the blog and can sign in and write what you want there. Photos, adventures etc. If you cannot do anything with the photo in real life make it up and take pictures. This should be a challenge and fun at the same time.

Monday, June 1, 2009


It's June 1st and our dolls should be getting ready to go into the virtual reality. However, there is a 3 day delay, so we will be starting closer to the end of the week. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My doll

My doll's head is done. I can't decide what I want her to be or be wearing. I think she is younger than me (who isn't?) and she's more conservative (again). Not as gaudy.
I've found my journal and that too is in process. I'm using watercolor paper for the bulk of it.
Then I found a neat box at the junk store and I was going to fix it up but it is really nice I thought I'd leave it for now. It is a Kate Spade box. The colors are not me but I'll make it work somehow.
So just a note to let you know I'm working. Can't wait.

Did I make it!

Lilith is still floating around on the that other realm bodiless she likes the feeling but she has decided to let my fingers make her a body so it will be ready by the 1st. She is really excited about the trip and thinks it is worth a visit to this earthly plain for a short time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I made it too!!

WHOOEEE!! I had no idea what I was doing but kept following directions and it seems to have been the right trail of crumbs because here I am! It's great to see the fabulous Farushka already here and I'm positively green with the best kind of envy to see the BEAUTIFUL bay where Pattee lives. WOW! Looking forward to beginning the journey with you all :~)

Yep I'm now a photographer as well as author!

It's working for me Nancye~
Just adding a photo of the bay where I live.
To make sure it posts.

Meet Farushka Frecklestein-The Foxy Fashion Forecaster

Hello everyone...I made over! WHOOOHOOO

I'm really looking forward to starting our Virtual Dolls On The Move! I know we have a couple more weeks before we start, but I thought I would share with you what I have gotten into place for our wonderful project here.
I would like all of you to meet "Farushka Frecklestein-The Foxy Fashion Forecaster. She is quite the character and watch out for her, even though she is the Foxy Fashion Icon...Believe me, she loves 501's Button Down Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts! hmmmmm sound familar? LOL Farushka also adores COFFEE and brings piping hot cups up to my studio when I need it the most! We chat for bit, she helps me paint and she totally let's me know if a skirt I'm sewing for another creation will work or not! LOL
One thing is for sure, we both GIGGLE A LOT!

Here is the Journal that I will be using to document Farushka's Journey and all of the other amazing art dolls and their artist's here!

I can't wait to start and see what everyone will be doing here!
Until next time...