Monday, June 8, 2009

Farushka Frecklestein Heading to Illinois!

Farushka Frecklestein and I had a very busy week at The Studio at Crow Haven Farm. We enjoy what little sun we had this weekend! It's been very cold and rainy here for the past week, so it was good to get outside for bit!

She just had to hang out Aquarius before he gets filled with water for the Summer!

One thing about Farushka, she loves plants...always milling around them and making sure they have enough water! LOL

As always, she is right beside me in the studio looking over my shoulder seeing what I'm up to and making sure I add the right fashion designs for the new creations that emerge from the Studio!

She is off to Illinois to spend...what will be a great adventure with Kathryn! Enjoy your journey Farushka, I'll be waiting for your return and looking forward to hearing about the many adventures that you will be taking this Summer!


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  1. I love the photo of her looking around,she is sooo cute,she has a real childlike quality to her,adorable!