Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My doll

My doll's head is done. I can't decide what I want her to be or be wearing. I think she is younger than me (who isn't?) and she's more conservative (again). Not as gaudy.
I've found my journal and that too is in process. I'm using watercolor paper for the bulk of it.
Then I found a neat box at the junk store and I was going to fix it up but it is really nice I thought I'd leave it for now. It is a Kate Spade box. The colors are not me but I'll make it work somehow.
So just a note to let you know I'm working. Can't wait.

Did I make it!

Lilith is still floating around on the that other realm bodiless she likes the feeling but she has decided to let my fingers make her a body so it will be ready by the 1st. She is really excited about the trip and thinks it is worth a visit to this earthly plain for a short time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I made it too!!

WHOOEEE!! I had no idea what I was doing but kept following directions and it seems to have been the right trail of crumbs because here I am! It's great to see the fabulous Farushka already here and I'm positively green with the best kind of envy to see the BEAUTIFUL bay where Pattee lives. WOW! Looking forward to beginning the journey with you all :~)

Yep I'm now a photographer as well as author!

It's working for me Nancye~
Just adding a photo of the bay where I live.
To make sure it posts.

Meet Farushka Frecklestein-The Foxy Fashion Forecaster

Hello everyone...I made over! WHOOOHOOO

I'm really looking forward to starting our Virtual Dolls On The Move! I know we have a couple more weeks before we start, but I thought I would share with you what I have gotten into place for our wonderful project here.
I would like all of you to meet "Farushka Frecklestein-The Foxy Fashion Forecaster. She is quite the character and watch out for her, even though she is the Foxy Fashion Icon...Believe me, she loves 501's Button Down Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts! hmmmmm sound familar? LOL Farushka also adores COFFEE and brings piping hot cups up to my studio when I need it the most! We chat for bit, she helps me paint and she totally let's me know if a skirt I'm sewing for another creation will work or not! LOL
One thing is for sure, we both GIGGLE A LOT!

Here is the Journal that I will be using to document Farushka's Journey and all of the other amazing art dolls and their artist's here!

I can't wait to start and see what everyone will be doing here!
Until next time...

Its a girl!

My doll was born this morning,she is currently hanging out to dry,so tomorrow she will find her face,I cant wait to get going on her,I have such high hopes that she will be positively sweet and good natured.
Her journal is happening as well and so is her suitcase,lots going on in my studio concerning her big arrival into reality.
I am so excited and can not wait to introduce her to you all!
Well that's it for now and back to work for me at Ink cat studios,love to you all and big squishy hugs Kim x
Oh I have put a sneak peek at my girls color pallet and some elements I might use for her outfit...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vitrual Dolls...

I've been mentally busy today trying to figure out what kind of a doll I want to make for the trip. I am also working on the journal and the suitcase. (Box or trunk that I decide to make for her and her belongings.) I am going to take pictures of her leaving home. Don't forget to email her story or history with her so the next in line, knows a little about her. Of course her name, age and her personal preferences. You know, what she likes, sleeps with the light on or off, what she's picky about.

I just noticed that June 1st is on a Monday. That is great because we can send her off to the next hostess on Sunday night or early Monday morning. Keep your eyes out for things that can be emailed to the original after you have passed the doll along. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions let me know.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Virtual Dolls On The Move

Here it is...the first of it's kind. This is a virtual doll group of eleven doll makers that are having a "Flat Stanley" experience with their handmade art dolls. We will be posting our doll experiences as they travel around the country and elsewhere. A journal will be kept for each doll with the hostess during it's stay at their home. We will take the doll to new and different places, photographing the doll, and writing in the virtual journal. The journal will be put together by it's owner and shared when the eleven weeks are up.