Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vitrual Dolls...

I've been mentally busy today trying to figure out what kind of a doll I want to make for the trip. I am also working on the journal and the suitcase. (Box or trunk that I decide to make for her and her belongings.) I am going to take pictures of her leaving home. Don't forget to email her story or history with her so the next in line, knows a little about her. Of course her name, age and her personal preferences. You know, what she likes, sleeps with the light on or off, what she's picky about.

I just noticed that June 1st is on a Monday. That is great because we can send her off to the next hostess on Sunday night or early Monday morning. Keep your eyes out for things that can be emailed to the original after you have passed the doll along. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions let me know.


  1. Are we keeping the journal or sending it on?

  2. Yes, we should post pics of the doll that week and the journals. However we have to have access to post here. Are we starting this the 1st of June?