Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meet Farushka Frecklestein-The Foxy Fashion Forecaster

Hello everyone...I made over! WHOOOHOOO

I'm really looking forward to starting our Virtual Dolls On The Move! I know we have a couple more weeks before we start, but I thought I would share with you what I have gotten into place for our wonderful project here.
I would like all of you to meet "Farushka Frecklestein-The Foxy Fashion Forecaster. She is quite the character and watch out for her, even though she is the Foxy Fashion Icon...Believe me, she loves 501's Button Down Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts! hmmmmm sound familar? LOL Farushka also adores COFFEE and brings piping hot cups up to my studio when I need it the most! We chat for bit, she helps me paint and she totally let's me know if a skirt I'm sewing for another creation will work or not! LOL
One thing is for sure, we both GIGGLE A LOT!

Here is the Journal that I will be using to document Farushka's Journey and all of the other amazing art dolls and their artist's here!

I can't wait to start and see what everyone will be doing here!
Until next time...

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