Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm on my way...

Hi everyone. My name is fancie nancie. I am on my way now. I am a little scared because I've never done this before, Virtual Travel. Here I am sitting on my trunk that I keep all of my souvenirs in along with my journal. I am wearing my best dress with favorite pink shoes. My sister let me use her necklace for the trip and my hair...well as usual when I want it look the best it fails me. Oh well. It's just hair. See you all later.


  1. Your doll reminds me of me when I was younger! LOL

  2. She is just beautiful,I would have been very worried sending her out into the big wide world!

  3. My oh my! She's a beauty. Very "fancie" as befitting her name and I'm thinking she may break a few hearts on her journey.