Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jane Doherty ...Stops at Crow Haven Farm

Well hello everyone...I'm sorry we are late, however we have a good excuse. Jane was so busy getting to know everyone here ,and I believe she was little overwhelmed at first, but she is mixing in with all of the other Eclectic Beings here and having a great time.
We were getting ready to head out for outing and Jane was rushing me out of my Studio...She is such a time keeper! LOL

Just look at her here pointing at the time! Oh for heaven sakes! LOL

So we grabbed out bags and headed out. Oh....wait Jane you are going the wrong way!!!!! I told her not to go that way...she didn't listen. She was in such a rush to grab a cup of Java that she landed in the fields of plants...She was ok...she met the Plant Fairy!Off to bed was a long day!


1 comment:

  1. Jane is quite the fashion-eeeeesta! Lovely! It's good that she didn't loose her hat in the jungle and I imagine that meeting the plant fairy was quite the highlight of her day!. I'm looking forward to her visit -- maybe she can help me get places on time :~/ !!