Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farushka meets author!

Tuesday evening Farushka had the great honor and privlege to meet with author Joanna Beth Tweedy (pictured) and hear her read from her newly published book THE YONDER SIDE OF SASS AND TEXAS. "Sass (short for Arkansas) and Texas" are the names of the two sisters featured in this lovely, lyrical book. The girls grow up in Southernmost Illinois and eventually travel the world. As Joanna Beth read, Farushka totally identified with Sass and has since then been using some of her favorite phrases such as "Well, ain't that a cat's bark of a thing," and "That's just chicken in the skillet" which is a good thing if you're wanting dinner, but not so good if you're the chicken. She's mentioned more than once now that I'm "older than time's uncle" and reminisced that she's "plain cold-duck cockamamie" crazy over that Jack Daniels sauce from the other day. If you can't understand a thing she's saying when she gets home, you'll need to read the book. After the reading and book signing, Joanna Beth, her beau & playwrite David Logan and Farushka huddled together for some time discussing the possibility of casting her as "Sass" if it becomes a play or movie some day. They told her she had the perfect look for the part and the twang in her voice made her a natural. She posed by the poster -- you can see how she fits right in!! Joanna Beth is also the founder editor of QUIDDITY (an international literary journal) and she has invited Farushka to submit her poetry or travel essays for consideration. She's been holed up in her room with a pencil and wad of paper ever since.


  1. K...she looks like she is having a blast...what fun are you guys having? LOL How adorable these pictures are...and she met an author! WOW...Say hello to her for me!

  2. She is a little homesick, Michelle, so I'm trying to keep her busy. She sends hugs and kisses to you