Friday, June 12, 2009

In the Dark

Although we didn't really have a good photo opportunity, Farushka had a lovely farewell dinner with friends this evening in the garden area of a little place called Muggsy's while Rob Killam's jazz band played in Jacksonville, Illinois. It was a perfect evening and great way to end our week together. Farushka developed a crush on the sax player and sat in with the band for a couple of numbers. He was MUCH too old for her, so I kept a close eye on them and put the kebosh on any shenanigans. You know how it is with sax players and impressionable young girls.......hmmmmm........I managed to get her on the plane with her virtue intact and only a few tears......I'm not sure how long the flight is, but she should arrive at Nancye's at least by morning. Please let me know if she doesn't make it. I'll hunt that sax player down like a bloodhound and bring her back!

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