Friday, June 12, 2009

More picts

Here's Kaleb being introduced to both, Lucy and Zenina.
Looks like no ones impressed.

Here is Lucy and Zenina sharing the red ribbon.
I actually made one for each after they couldn't agreed to who take it home.

Hank flirting with both the girls...

Hank and Zenina alone at last.

Later today Zenina is going to tell some fortunes and then the girls
will visit with one of the oldest dolls in the studio.
The sun is finally out here and we will be going to some garage sales.
Then there is dinner planned and they'll be off to other parts unknown.
Hank wants to go with them but I said no. That's all
we'd need is for him to be on the his own out there. Who knows what
would happen.


  1. I have NEVER seen Zenina's eyes sparkle like this; not even after a serious nip of tequila! I think she's found something better in Hank. It MUST be love. Whoever would've thunk it ~ a Gypsy Queen and Handyman Extraordinaire :~D ? Can you even imagine the two of them out there on the road together unsupervised?!?! SIX ALARM FIRE! Thank you for showing her such a good time. I'm glad she's had a chance to meet those cute grandchildren, the plant fairy, Zany Lucy, and of course, Hank, who has clearly lit a fire I didn't even know she had. I'm sure this is a week she'll never forget. The red ribbon will be a treasure.

  2. LOL HAnk and Zenina seem to go together like bread and butter....
    Lucy has always been the last one to "get it"!

    Poor thing... I want to thank you for keeping Lucy in the game even though I am not... She has never felt this included in anything!