Saturday, June 6, 2009

A new girl is on her way!

As some of you may know,I had a small disaster recently,my darling companion and dog decided to play Godzilla with some of my dolls and Teddies,My cat Cecil who fancies himself as a great hunter stole them from my desk and stashed them on the kitchen chair where some were still sitting when I discovered the terrible event.

Gemma my cattle dog had found them and proceeded to chew them with relish,gotta love her!

So I had to make a new dollie and here she is,pretty in pink,I call her Meggins,she is about to go cybering to meet Sharyn!


  1. She's great! What a fiasco! Glad you have a sense of humor!

  2. What a spectacular face!! We have a new puppy and EVERYTHING in my house is in danger too, including my own fingers and toes!! :~) You're right -- gotta love 'em anyway!

  3. Jane started her journey this morning, early, to meet with Michelle. I heard she has arrived. What a job getting her ready for her trip. She's so fussy, that one! She looked so scared when she got on that ferry! I know she'll be fine, though.